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Welcome to Q DAO Tools

Welcome to Q DAO Tools documentation. Here you can find all needed information and tutorials.

Why build on Q?

Q provides a governance backbone for the Web3 world, allowing you to build intergalactic organizations that go beyond code-is-law.

Technically, the Q Protocol comprises an EVM-compatible proof-of-stake blockchain and a set of smart contracts.

But this simple technical description does not do the protocol justice: Beyond the code, Q is based on a novel concept of how we can transact in the decentralized world, combining the benefits of a public, open and decentralized ledger with the transparency of enforceable private contracts. You can

In Q, you can finally build without borders, leaving behind the limitations of existing technology.

Try it yourself

DAO Factory - a tool to create a decentralized organization in just a few clicks. You can set multiple roles and implement strong checks and balances on proposals.

DAO Dashboard - if you have already created a DAO, use the DAO HQ to set your voting weight and create or manage proposals.