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Expert Panels

Expert Panels in Q DAOs are specialised groups of one or multiple DAO Members who contribute their knowledge and expertise to support the decision-making process within the DAO.

The primary purpose of the Expert Panels is to ensure that decisions made within a DAO are well-informed, based on expert competencies, and aligned with the project's goals and principles. The panels may be set up for a wide range of topics, for example, tech upgrades, risk management, special parameters, DAO Strategy, or regulatory compliance.

Expert panels are sometimes also called roles or sub-DAOs. An expert panel can be one or more people which are appointed by the DAO. They can have their own set of competencies as defined in the constitution and can have some autonomy in their field of competence.

It might be interesting to note, that an Expert could be a natural person (human) or a legal person (e.g. company).

Expert Panels can have multiple functions in a DAO:

  • They can be used for internal organisation, like departments in a company. You could have a Marketing Expert Panel or a Defi Parameter Panel.
  • Expert Panels can also be used for external representation They can be the arms of the DAO to act in the outside world. For example for signing a contract on behalf of the DAO.
  • Expert Panels can have oversight functions to control and protect the DAO. For example, the Experts could have veto rights on some proposals.
  • Expert Panels can also be “just” Experts without any decision-making power, but an authority on subject matters which is respected by the other DAO Members and a voice that needs to be heard before important decisions are made.

By setting the members of expert panels, you not only manage operations in the DAO. Expert Panels are also the tool to manage the road to decentralization for your DAO. You can start with one member in a panel and then over time elect more experts to the panel. Once the panel itself is more decentralized, you can even go back to the constitution and step-by-step transfer the decision-making power from the expert panel to the DAO Members.

So to sum it up:

  • when you create your DAO on Q, Expert Panels enable customisation and usage possibilities.
  • Expert panels have specific rights in the DAO. The rights and responsibilities of an Expert Panel can be defined in the DAO Constitution.
  • Expert Panel Members can be appointed by the DAO through a simple election, you can read the tutorial in the Tutorial section.